M72 یک ماژول GSM/GPRS  دو باند 900/1800 با عملکرد سریع و مصرف بسیار پایین می باشد .

مونتاژ ماژول M72 به خاطر داشتن  پایه های LCC و پد متالیزه در دو طرف  سریع و آسان می باشد .

چیپ ست ماژول M72 به صورت کامل ویک دست ، RF حافظه و واحد های عملیاتی PUM را در خود جای داده است .

کلاس 12 GPRS ،با عث می شود این ماژول بتواند تبادل اطلاعات تا 85/6KBPS را با بیشترین دقت وبالاترین سرعت انجام دهد

M72 is a high-performance Dual-band 900/1800 GSM/GPRS module with low power consumption.


M72 with LCC castellation package technology are surface mount package devices, which use metalized pads on the sides of the package. This kind of packaging makes it easily embedded in other applications and is ideally suitable for large-scale manufacturing which has the strict requirements for cost and efficiency.


By adopting the highly integrated chipset solution, M72 module contains built-in Baseband, RF, Memory and PMU functional units in its compact form factor. Combining the industrial standard interface with GPRS Class 12 enabling speeds up to 85.6kbps for in both up and down link, M72 offers extremely fast data speeds and high reliability for SMS and data transmission even under rugged conditions.


Built-in unique Over-the-Air firmware update by means of QuecFOTA software allows M72 to update the firmware remotely.


With its compact profile, extended operating temperature and integrated TCP/IP stack, M72 is perfect platform for both industrial and household applications such as smart meter, wireless POS, automotive and security system.


Key benefits

●  Dual-band GSM/ GPRS module

●  LCC SMD type for easy SMT production

●  Embedded powerful Internet service protocols


●  Certifications: CE/ GCF/ UCRF/ A-Tick

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